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January 28, 2010

I’m fairly new to #FridayFlash, and right now I don’t have near enough time to devote to posting here.  But I have to say reading the Friday Flash entries has become a great source of enjoyment and relaxation.  And that’s coming from someone with two kids who is in the last semester of an English Major facing 700 assigned novels and thirty essays which must be written about them.  (Okay, it just feels that way.)

I have also enjoyed reading outside of the genres I am typically drawn to, such as fantasy and maybe even a little spooky stuff  here and there.

One of the wonderful writers in the group recently gave me this little blue badge to pass on.  So thank you Skycycler, and here are five writers off the top of my head who I look forward to reading more of.  Five among many.

@Dijeratic,   @markerstetter,  @LauritaMiller,  @chadredden, @3S_Stories

I would have included several of these writers, but skycycler beat me to it:

Linda Simoni-Wastila @drwasy,  CJ Hodges MacFarlane @h0jp0j,  Christian Bell @christianbell37,   Marc Nash @21stCscribe,  DJ Kirkby @djkirkby and
Shannon Esposito @soesposito

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